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Meet Andy Johnson, The New CEO at StoneWorks!

Andy Johnson is a straight forward easy going kind of guy who believes in supporting and encouraging the people who are working with him. From the very start of his career, he has built his way to the top based on hard work, excellent leadership and the ability to connect with his fellow co-workers.

Andy began his career in the early nineties as a staff accountant with Mar-Mac Inc., a manufacturing business located in McBee, South Carolina. Over the years, he learned the business inside-out through the various roles he’s served, including Controller, CFO, COO and eventually President. After serving as President of Mar-Mac for six years, he established his own company in 2015, BottomLine Development Group.

As a businessman, Andy has always been a firm believer that business is larger than any one person. He has centered his entire career around this idea of servant leadership. “I take an interest in the individual,” Andy said. “I want to help each and every employee grow and develop to their full potential.”

He is also a proponent of lifelong learning. “I’m not in the line of work that requires continuing education credits,” he said. “As a leader, it’s important to constantly seek out opportunities for growth.” In his career, Andy has completed several executive and management accreditations, including the Harvard Business School Executive program.

Andy connected with John Baltzegar, the owner of StoneWorks, through his consulting business. “I have a great deal of respect and admiration for entrepreneurs,” said Andy. “Someone who is willing to take a risk, start a business and operate it successfully.” For Andy, business is about creating a legacy. “I am honored to protect the entrepreneurial legacy that John has created at StoneWorks.”

South Carolina has been the backbone of Andy’s life. He grew up just outside of McBee, where he built not only his career, but a family. He and his wife, Holly, have two adult children, Holland and Meredith. Holland is a Senior at The Citadel and Meredith is a Freshman at Clemson University.

When he’s off the clock, you can find Andy and Holly exploring all the small-town charm that South Carolina has to offer. He also enjoys running, especially now that he’s living on Hilton Head Island. “With 117 miles of pathways, it’s hard not to love running outdoors.”

We welcome him to our family at StoneWorks and look forward to new momentum for our customers and our business.

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