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Ripple Effect: StoneWorks Invests in Exceptional Water Quality

In our last post, you learned about StoneWorks’ substantial efforts to improve air quality for its employees for better health and safety, as well as their focus on being environmentally conscious. You also learned that StoneWorks is among the first of just 78 accredited stone manufacturers in the entire United States to pass a stringent three-year testing and inspection process by the Natural Stone Institute.

In addition to having excellent air quality, StoneWorks also goes above and beyond to provide exceptional water quality. “The air conditioning and filtration systems really flow into the water systems. Together, they both work to create a safe environment for everyone and keep the silica particulate down. This has improved employee retention, and we draw the most talented fabricators because they love to work in these ideal conditions,” said Brian Baltzegar, the general manager of StoneWorks Fabrication Center in Beaufort. “This also provides the best possible product for our clients.”

StoneWorks' Beaufort Fabrication Center
StoneWorks' Beaufort Fabrication Center

StoneWorks’ water system works as an environmentally safe closed loop by constantly being filtered and recycled. “The recycled water saves us on water costs but more importantly it helps employee health. The water-fed tools reduce silica dust from getting on the workers’ skin, in their lungs, and on their clothing and the floor. We also do not do dry brushing. Instead, we power wash and wet mop with the filtered water. Our water is so clean, it looks as clear as drinking water.”

Brian explained that every morning StoneWorks evaluates the filtered water for clarity and said his company is proud of its consistently cloudless water. “We voluntarily go through the OCEA process to make sure we are complying every day. This is not a one-and-done effort. It has to be constant to stay on top of things.”

Man Holding up Filtered Cloudless Water in a Cup
Cloudless Water in a Cup From StoneWorks' Filtration System

During an OSHA inspection, employees wear a meter to measure the exact amount of silica particulate they are exposed to in one work shift. “The first result from the OSHA testing showed our workers were far below the acceptable level of exposure. Three months later, they tested again and re-confirmed the first results. We performed exceptionally every time which is unusual for a fabrication center. Most shops require respirators and masks for eight hours. Our score was so far under, we are not required to wear either.”

The water system also helps with maintaining the equipment, which also benefits the environment and bottom line. “We are really proud of our equipment. It, like our facility, is state-of-the-art and we keep it that way,” said Brian.

Man Working in StoneWorks' Beaufort Fabrication Center
Working in StoneWorks' Beaufort Fabrication Center

Brian is also proud StoneWorks has used light as an energy source, as well as a way to improve employee satisfaction and a higher quality product. In the next post, you will learn just how StoneWorks is accomplishing this.

Follow along with our Air, Wind & Sun Series to learn about how StoneWorks is investing in the future for their customers, their employees, and the community!

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