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The Process

Creating Beautiful Stone Countertops

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Our template process is very cutting edge - pun intended. A mobile template van arrives at your home or business, using computer aided design (CAD) to cut out mylar plastic sheets that are brought back into the house. This gives you the opportunity to see accurate, full-sized shapes of your countertops and make any adjustments before the stone is cut. 



Unlike most other manufacturers, you are invited to be a part of this process. You can examine the raw slab and make your own choices to determine where to cut, including your favorite parts of the stone. We'll move the templates around digitally on the slab until you are satisfied. This step helps assure you have a countertop that you love! This entire process is digital.



The raw materials you selected will be transformed into finished countertops. Our fabrication facility is among the best in the country - equipped with large diamond blade 5 axis CNC saws and Routers using computer-controlled technology to cut and profile intricate shapes, edge details, and appliance cutouts. Our cutting-edge technology is only as good as the highly trained and experienced craftsmen who perform each step, including polishing, fitting, and sealing.


The Installation Process

Being a StoneWorks installer doesn't happen overnight. Employees start out as helpers and spend a minimum of four years learning the trade. The reason is simple; the installation defines the ultimate quality of your project. At StoneWorks, we use subcontractors that we have trained to install countertops. Our crews use advanced seam setting equipment that apply vacuum suction to pull two counters together as tightly and evenly as possible. The adhesive used in the joint is an epoxy, rather than commonly used quick setting polyesters. On many stones, our seams are almost impossible to see. Silicone caulking is used in areas between stone tops and backsplashes to resist mold and mildew better than latex caulk, while also lasting far longer. We use specially designed carts to handle heavy stone pieces safely including our “Boom Truck”. The installation process can take anywhere from two hours to a full day depending on the size and complexity.


After Installation

We will teach you how to care for your countertops, and provide lifelong guidance to help you keep them looking as beautiful as new.  


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