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11 Tips to Care for Your Countertops

The countertops of your dreams are finally installed… so now what? You may be wondering how to care for and protect your beautiful new investment. They’re maintenance-free, right? Well… not exactly. Your new stone surface will need to be cared for so that they remain as smooth, beautiful, and polished as the day they were installed.

Here are 11 tips to care for your countertops:

1. Don’t let spills sit. Wiping spills immediately prevents staining and etching, which can mar the finish and dull the shine of your countertops.

2. Keep it clean. A mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water are all you need to keep your countertops clean and germ-free.

3. Be gentle. Use a clean, soft cloth and rinse thoroughly after washing with soap and warm water.

4. Avoid buildup. An excessive concentration of cleanser or soap often leaves a film and can cause unsightly streaks.

5. Acids are a no-no. Don’t use lemon, citrus, vinegar, Windex, or other cleaners that contain acids because they can etch and dull your countertops.

6. Don’t be abrasive. Stay away from using creams, scouring pads (or “steel wool” as our grandparents called it) and powders (think “Comet”), and other products that contain abrasives that may scratch your surfaces.

7. Insulate it. Always use a trivet or hot pad beneath pots and pans, crock pots, air fryers, and other heat-generating items or appliances to protect your countertops.

8. Don’t crack under pressure. We cannot “stress” enough that granite/natural stone is heat-resistant but can “fracture” or otherwise be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Never place hot cookware directly on your countertop.

9. Keep the cutting to the board. Natural stone surfaces are scratch resistant; however, it’s best to avoid using sharp knives and other sharp instruments directly on your stone surface. The use of a cutting board is always recommended.

10. Keep your feet on the ground. Never stand on your granite/natural stone countertops, as this may cause them to crack or fracture.

11. Be Mindful of Oils. Did you know that oils can penetrate stone and quartz products? Some stone products are more porous than others. Always be mindful when cooking and using oils on your stone products. StoneWorks sells cleaners and oil stain removers in our Bluffton showroom.

Ask the Experts!

Do you still have question about how to best care for your stone countertops? Swing by our new Bluffton Showroom and ask our expert team of designers! We are open Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM for walk-in visitors. If you’d like to set up a one-on-one appointment with a StoneWorks designer, please call our showroom to schedule an appointment at 843-689-6980.


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