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CH2 Highlights Shannon Baltzegar in August Women in Business Issue

Shannon Baltzegar is a creative force and respected influencer in the local stone fabrication and design industry. This summer, she was tapped to lead StoneWorks of the Lowcountry as their new CEO, the successor to the family-owned stone fabrication business her father John Baltzegar III built over the last three decades. She brings her inventive spirit, can-do attitude, and a fresh vision to her new role as CEO.

Shannon Baltzegar leaning against stone slab at StoneWorks
Shannon Baltzegar

Describe a typical day in your life. Every day is a new day! Sometimes I pray; sometimes I keep my head down; sometimes I smile. Every day, I ask for help to be better.

What drives you/makes you excited to start the day? I start with coffee at 5 a.m., black. I have my best thoughts in the morning. I am motivated to solve problems. Problems can be as simple as planning a dog sitter or as complicated as re-structuring pieces of a profit puzzle.

Did you have a mentor—someone who really helped you along the path to entrepreneurship? Everyone helps in all fashions. I take them, understand them, then make my own path.

Tell us something you wish you had known when you started on your career path—a bit of advice for other women in business. You might be on a path to major success or on a path to a steady paycheck. Choose to love yourself whatever path you are on. Success is found in happiness.

Mountains or ocean? I always wanted to live at the beach. Incredibly so, it happened!

Guilty pleasure? Naps: midday nap, evening nap, after eating nap … I Love them all. Sometimes I feel worthless, and sometimes I feel like Sleeping Beauty. I ultimately think they are healthy recovery.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Lawyer, choreographer, photographer, dancer, singer, teacher…. Truth be told, I wanted to be a mom of five without big dreams of a career. My mom worked six days a week. But my best memories are when she didn’t work—when we were little, she played with us, she sewed and was creative. She glowed with happiness.

Give us three qualities a leader must have. Backbone, honor, and compassion.

What podcast do you listen to for inspiration or to learn from? I signed up to listen to the most recommended books by U.S. colleges: The Republic, The Communist Manifesto; Imagined Communities…. These are a few I am attempting with my Bluetooth headphones (when I have quiet time).

What is one thing you are looking forward to doing when you retire? I think about what other businesses I might enjoy after I retire.

If you could learn any skill, what would it be? I’d love to repurpose clothing—design the best fits for my own shape.

What is your favorite tech toy (for work or play) that you can’t live without? The smartphone, ugh! It’s a love/hate situation.

As featured in CH2 Magazine's August 2023 Women in Business issue.


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