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Have you been longing for a stunning kitchen – the kind that you see in magazines and on TV? Or, have you dreamed of a luxury bathroom that evokes a trip to the spa? Perhaps you want to have both, but you find the whole process too complex?

If you are building a new home or planning to remodel, the choices of stone and tile surfaces which are available can be daunting. Even seasoned professionals may have difficulty assembling a cohesive design look from the myriad of options available. With so many choices, how do you know if you’re making the right choices?

Stoneworks of Hilton Head, the region's leading source for granite, stone, quartz, and tile products for use in countertops, fireplaces, kitchens, baths, and baths, has developed a system that helps homeowners and professionals make easier decisions. They’ve grouped various products, colors, and styles into categories called Lowcountry Style – each one designed to meet a myriad of looks that are popular today.

Using images from nature, the Lowcountry Styles help you define the basic looks that you want to achieve. Then the designers at StoneWorks can narrow down your choices of products and styles to create a look that fits your style, as well as your budget.

​For example, if you choose Autumn March from the Lowcountry Style collection, you’ll see variations of tan and gold that mimic the color intensity and complexity of marsh grasses. Their reflections in brackish marsh water create hundreds of earthly hues. The entire collection of materials has a natural, warm, and earthy feel.

Choose Oyster Mound from the Lowcountry Style collection, and StoneWorks’ designers will coordinate colors and textures that appear sun bleached and natural, with various whites and grays and all the hues in between, swirling and crisscrossing in intricate and complex patterns.

Other looks include Sand and Driftwood, Misty Morning March, or Old Town Tradition, which highlights traditional hardware and wood textures reminiscent of a country store. There’s also Live Oak Arbor, May River Twilight, and even Tidal Wash which features colors found in and along the shoreline. At the other end of the spectrum, chose Island Bridges, with the modern lines and hues of concrete and steel.

Don’t worry, StoneWorks has these examples and many more available for selection in their showroom and fabrication facility. Each one of the Lowcountry Styles is based on a local nature photo, combined with a real life example photo of a recent StoneWorks stone or tile installation. Simply choose the Lowcountry Style that’s right for you, and the StoneWorks designers will do the rest.

Visit StoneWorks’ showroom and fabrication facility at 28 Hunter Road on Hilton Head to see all the examples of Lowcountry Style.

Make your dream kitchen or bath a reality with ease.

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