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Creating Spaces Where Family and Friends Make Memories

Creating Spaces Where Family & Friends make Mwemories

Our homes have new meaning. We are all spending more time in our spaces than ever before. As we do, we are looking around our living areas and seeing opportunities to improve function and visual appeal. At StoneWorks, we have recently experienced an upswing in business. Customers are seeking products and design help for upgrades. Creativity is part of our StoneWorks DNA and one of the latest products that clients are loving in their homes is porcelain.

Porcelain is a hard manufactured surface, but it has all the beauty of natural materials. Porcelain slabs look like granite, marble, even wood or linen. Most people cannot tell the difference between porcelain and natural stone or other natural surfaces.

There are so many benefits to using porcelain in your home or business, for counter tops, walls, floors and even furniture. One of the most opportune and timely features is its hygienic qualities. You see, porcelain may look like natural stone, but it is not porous like natural stone. Therefore, it does not absorb liquids or harbor bacteria like other surfaces. Consequently, it is being used in hospitals, doctor offices, and restaurants around the world. It can be cleaned with common household disinfectants, a huge “no-no” with natural stone surfaces. It is a superbly safe surface for food preparation, and is so impervious to cuts and scratches, you can even do away with cutting boards!

Porcelain slabs are bigger than natural stone slabs, so it means your projects will have less seams – another place for germs to hide. And when properly installed, the seams are virtually invisible. This gives you broad expanses of stunning surface on counters, walls, floors and more.

Porcelain is stain free and extremely heat resistant. In fact, we do a demonstration in our showroom where we actually set a porcelain conference table on fire to show just how durable the material is under stress! You can see the video of this demonstration here on our website, or when you visit our showroom.

Its durability makes it an ideal surface to use in rental properties or high traffic areas, like kitchens or baths. And speaking of bathrooms, are you sick of scrubbing grout in your showers? Porcelain gives your bath a spa-like feeling, and the seams are nearly impossible to find. No more scrubbing grout lines between natural stone or tiles!

Have you dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen for entertaining? Porcelain is THE choice to use in outdoor installations because it is weatherproof and resistant to UV light, meaning it will not fade when properly installed. It can be featured in outdoor kitchens, pools, fireplaces, and wherever your imagination takes you.

Speaking of installation, not everyone in the stone business has the skills, experience, or facilities to install porcelain correctly. Be sure to work with a qualified porcelain vendor like StoneWorks who has the equipment, and training to properly install porcelain. You’ll enjoy it for a lifetime!

We carry porcelain from the leaders in the industry, and we’re proud to say that the porcelain we use is made right here in the USA. We invite you to schedule a consultation virtually or a private appointment in showroom with one of our experienced designers about using porcelain in your next building or remodeling project.

Our showroom is closed, but open for private appointments during the current health crisis, and we are taking daily measures to sanitize and protect our customers and our employees. While we’re not certain what the next few months will be like, we know that StoneWorks is here to help you create beautiful spaces where you and your family will create new memories.

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