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Durability AND Beauty - Porcelain Slabs

StoneWorks has a material that homeowners and designers in Europe and Canada have been crazy about for years – PORCELAIN SLABS. Porcelain slabs look like granite, marble, wood, linen… or just about any other natural material you could want, and now they are readily available from manufacturers here in the US.

People in the US are falling in love with large porcelain slabs for a variety of different construction and remodeling projects, including flooring, walls, counter tops, and more. Porcelain provides a look that is unmatched by any other product.

You can save money, time, and labor on an installation or renovation project by using porcelain slabs from StoneWorks.

Porcelain is nonporous, so it’s a safe and healthy option for food preparation. Stain-free and extremely heat resistant, porcelain is perfect for counter tops! Porcelain will not scratch or wear. And when using porcelain slabs, there are fewer joints and seams to work with. Tired of scrubbing grout in the bathroom? Large porcelain slabs on the walls, floors, showers, and tubs eliminate grout seams and create a spa-like atmosphere. In fact, you can rarely ever find the seams in a porcelain project.

Porcelain is easy to maintain. You can use your favorite multi-purpose cleaners and don’t need to worry about the kinds of chemical cleaners as you would with natural stone.

Considering an outdoor kitchen? Porcelain can be installed outside and is both heat and frost tolerant for use in homes across the country. It can be used on floors, walls, back splashes, and fireplaces. Does your dining room or corporate meeting space demand a statement-making table? Porcelain can be used to make custom tables and other furniture pieces.

“One of the best things about porcelain is that it can be used everywhere,” says StoneWorks specialist Brian Baltzegar. “It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms with its stain, heat, and water resistance. It is also perfect for outdoor applications and eliminates the worry of sun damage, as it is completely UV resistant.” He adds that porcelain can create spa-like bathrooms where walls, floors, and integrated tubs were all conceived with porcelain slabs. Porcelain can even withstand fire! (see the video and photos below)

Porcelain can even withstand fire

Because porcelain counter tops are still fairly new to the U.S., finding a fabricator that has experience with the product can prove to be difficult. As a certified member of the Natural Stone Institute, StoneWorks is qualified to beautifully install porcelain slabs in your next project.

StoneWorks features leading brands - SapienStone, Dekton, and Crossville. They offer colors and finishes that mimic Mother Nature, while drastically out-performing other materials on the market. Stop in our showroom or call to ask a StoneWorks associate to tell you more about porcelain slabs!

Above photo courtesy of SapienStone

Above photo courtesy of SapienStone

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