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What is Lowcountry Style?

After all, many of us moved here to enjoy the lifestyle of the Lowcountry, but how do you define it? If you attempt to define Lowcountry Style by architectural terms or color swatches alone, you miss the mark.

Is Lowcountry Style the feeling you get when you are walking on the beach with sand between your toes? Is it the feeling of awe you get when gazing at the wondrous suspension bridges spanning the waterways between communities? Is it the feeling you get seeing the golden marshes on an autumn morning?

Lowcountry Style is a sensibility—a statement of style combined with comfort and casualness. It’s elegant, but at the same time, inviting and informal. It has today’s modern look, but it’s also timeless and undated. It’s safe to say that the phrase Lowcountry Style evokes strong and unique feelings, and it’s those feelings that we all want reflected in the design of our homes and businesses.

StoneWorks of Hilton Head, the region’s leading source for granite, stone, quartz, and tile products for use in countertops and baths, has developed a system that helps homeowners and professionals define Lowcountry Style, based in part on the feelings that the name evokes. They’ve grouped various products, colors, and styles into categories called Lowcountry Style, each one designed to meet myriad looks that are popular today, and that reflect the dynamics of Lowcountry life and style.

Many of the “looks” are based on a unifying color palette, designed to bring uniformity to your space. Then, they push the limits by introducing color splashes in a contrasting grout or textures such as three dimensional tiles or leathered granite. After all, Lowcountry Style is about the feelings it evokes, right? Why not play to all your senses?

Using local images from nature, Lowcountry Style helps you define the basic looks that you want to achieve. Then, the designers at StoneWorks can narrow down your choices of products and colors to create a look that fits your vision of Lowcountry Style, as well as your budget.

For example, if you choose Autumn Marsh from the Lowcountry Style collection, you’ll see variations of tan and gold that mimic the color intensity and complexity of marsh grasses. Their reflections in brackish marsh water create hundreds of earthly hues. The entire collection of materials has a natural, warm, and earthy feel. And just because earth tones are used doesn’t mean it’ll look like something from the late-70s; the professional designers at StoneWorks add a modern and unique sensibility that represents life today in the Lowcountry.

Other Lowcountry looks include Sand and Driftwood, Misty Morning Marsh, or Old Town Tradition, which highlights traditional hardware and wood textures reminiscent of a country store. There’s also Live Oak Arbor, May River Twilight, and even Tidal Wash, which features colors found along the shoreline. At the other end of the spectrum is Island Bridges, with the modern lines and hues of concrete and steel. These looks vary greatly, but they all capture the feeling that is evoked when you think “Lowcountry Style.”

Don’t worry, StoneWorks has these examples and many more available for selection in their showroom and fabrication facility. Each one of the Lowcountry Styles is based on a local nature photo, combined with a real-life example photo of a recent stone or tile installation. Simply choose the Lowcountry Style that’s right for you, and the StoneWorks designers will combine product examples and features that will help make your choice easier.

Visit StoneWorks’ showroom and fabrication facility at 28 Hunter Road on Hilton Head Island to see all the examples of Lowcountry Style. Or visit their website at to see a brief video.

Capture Lowcountry Style, and make it part of your home or business.

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