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The Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the center of life’s daily activities. StoneWorks wants to help our customers create spaces where family and friends make memories, and that starts in the kitchen.

As the center of your home, the kitchen is an important space to create a first impression. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just baking pancakes on a Sunday morning, you want your kitchen to feel warm and welcoming. At StoneWorks, we’ve proudly helped create a range of kitchen spaces for our customers. Reach out to our team for ideas on how we can help reinvent your kitchen space.

When it comes to recreating an existing kitchen space, there is a lot to keep in mind! StoneWorks’ boutique showroom experience is here to guide you through these important decisions before your project begins. Our team of designers will encourage you to be thoughtful with your layout, prioritize more countertop space to accommodate your busy lifestyle, and make sure the materials you select are easy to clean and maintain.

Most kitchens look a bit different these days with the hustle and bustle of working from home and remote learning. The kitchen has become the center of many busy daily activities, so your space needs to be functional. StoneWorks recommends utilizing as much of your kitchen space as possible, especially your countertops, when planning your project. You also want the material you select to be durable and easy to maintain, which is often why our designers recommend installing quartz or quartzite countertops in the kitchen.

Most importantly, have fun with the process! Designing your kitchen can be like creating a work of art. If the idea of that process overwhelms you, we have design experts here at StoneWorks with decades of experience in creating kitchen spaces. Lean on our team to help bring your design idea to life.


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