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Our Homes Have New Meaning For The Holidays

Here in the Lowcountry, we are certainly blessed with beautiful weather —even in the winter months. Because the outdoors are accessible for the better part of October through January, homeowners have a unique opportunity to create indoor/outdoor living spaces that are comfortable with great lowcountry style.

We have no doubt that this holiday season will require smaller gatherings with more intimate settings. Is your home ready? The design team at StoneWorks is here to help you re-imagine your spaces for great entertaining and we are prepared to complete a new look before the holidays. Imagine the ambience of your kitchen with a gleaming new countertop work space with your family prepping delicious fall recipes and apple pies.

Picture your updated backyard patio on a crisp Fall afternoon, doors open: grilling in your “outdoor” kitchen while watching a football game. If you can dream it, StoneWorks can help you create it!

Now through Thanksgiving, StoneWorks is offering $500 off the purchase of Level Porcelain, the finest in exquisite Italian Porcelain (minimum purchase of $5,000). In addition to your purchase, StoneWorks will donate $100 to the Deep Well Project in your name. Update your home and give back to our community at the same time!

StoneWorks is more than just a countertop fabricator. We specialize in updating the most important rooms of your home — the spaces where you come together with loved ones to create memories.


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