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StoneWorks DNA: Passion

Over the last several months, I’ve shared with our readers the many ways in which StoneWorks is a unique place to work and shop. Our creativity, resiliency, team cohesiveness, and ability to find a better way are themes of the StoneWorks DNA. The last element that ties it all together is our company’s passion for the work we do every day. Passion is the thread that binds our DNA together and gives our team forward momentum in all that we do.

At StoneWorks, having passion means possessing an intense, driving conviction to get the job done right. We are passionate about many things, especially our hardworking and dedicated employees. StoneWorks is a team and we strive to provide the absolute best for t our employees and for their families, too. We foster an inclusive and participative environment for all, where not one of us is smarter than all of us. The men and women of StoneWorks are some of the hardest working individuals in the business, and it’s their passion for the industry that sets them apart from the rest.

We are passionate about the community we serve! StoneWorks has organized a quarterly trash collection with Adopt-a-Highway for over fifteen years. We help feed the hungry through regular monthly food and supply donations to Deep Well of the

Lowcountry. We organize food drives during the holidays and a recent hurricane. We also deeply support our military heroes; three members of the StoneWorks team have served in the military.

Lastly, we are passionate about creating spaces in homes for our customers to enjoy with friends and family. No company is more passionate about the design and fabrication of innovative products for your home than StoneWorks . It shows in every division of our company - from design, to templating and fabrication, to installation. We hope our passion can be seen in the little ways we go above and beyond to satisfy our customers - it’s what we love to do and we’re grateful for your trust in StoneWorks.

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