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StoneWorks DNA: Resiliency

What motivates leadership and employees in a small business to excel, to strive for more when facing a challenge to their success? Statistics for small businesses tell us that 20% fail in the first year and 70% fail by their 10th year. Yet, many businesses create momentum, when unprojected change threatens to tip the balance. I call that resolute trait – resiliency.

In the 15 months that I have served as StoneWorks CEO, I have witnessed our company’s resiliency in many forms. It is deeply ingrained in the StoneWorks DNA.

From a macro level, I have seen this business come out ahead after monumental pull backs, like hurricanes, a recession, and most recently, a global pandemic. While many small businesses were forced to surrender to the circumstances, StoneWorks always found a way to rise above and keep moving forward. John Baltzegar has instilled this resiliency in each and every one of his employees.

And, through my time at this company, I have also observed the many ways our team will go above and beyond to deliver the best possible experience for our clients regardless of circumstances. On a micro level, it is important to admit that our company is not always perfect. While our success rate is well over 90%, there are times when things do not go according to plan. It is not very often when that happens, but when it does, we work to always remain transparent. When faced with a challenge, our team will always rise to the occasion. It is all hands-on deck until we reach a solution that puts the client’s best interest first. That kind of resiliency is what sets StoneWorks apart from the rest.

We are committed to our community and we will remain resilient. And, we are grateful to the residents and businesses of the Lowcountry for placing your trust in StoneWorks over the last three decades.

A Resilient Team

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