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StoneWorks DNA: Looking for a Better Way

I am fascinated by businesses that thrive over an extended period. Why do some businesses flourish while others merely survive? Or, why do many organizations fail and close their doors?

To me, those that thrive have resolute, recognizable characteristics. Characteristics that are foundational, fundamental, and distinctive. Years ago, I heard someone refer to the characteristics of a company as its DNA. That term resonated with me. It helped me zero in on attributes that are the essence of a company.

StoneWorks is a company that has thrived over decades. We are accomplished. We are proven. We did not become the company of today by happenstance. John Baltzegar, our founder, intentionally instilled in us several fundamental, distinctive characteristics – these I call the StoneWorks DNA.

Recently, I wrote about part of our DNA – creativity. Creativity is fundamental to our existence. So, is looking for a better way.

Month by month, week by week, and day by day we are looking for a better way. This part of our DNA is not exclusive to our founder, our leaders, or our managers. Looking for a better way permeates our entire organization.

Recently, as most of us have been spending more time at home, StoneWorks found a better way for you to shop for stone. We made our entire slab and remnant inventory accessible and visible to you via our website. We added a room visualizer to our home page that allows you to create various designs for your spaces. We found a better way for you to shop and shop safely.

Looking for a better way often translates into offering and installing the latest and greatest materials. Well, StoneWorks is forward looking and out front with Porcelain Slabs. This product is stain resistant, heat resistant, and nonporous. We are seeing an increasing number of homeowners create spaces with Porcelain.

Being creative and looking for a better way are fundamental to StoneWorks. Our commitment is to harness those and other parts of our DNA for the betterment of our community.

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