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What Are Stone Remnants & How Can They Be Used?

Stone takes thousands, and in some cases, millions of years to be formed by the Earth, and will last for many more years once it is installed in a project. At StoneWorks, careful thought and attention are paid to designing, constructing, and using natural stone correctly and efficiently so waste is reduced or eliminated. The leftover materials from fabrication or construction are known as remnants. Natural stone remnants can be used somewhere else in a project or in another project entirely and should not go to waste or end up in a landfill. At StoneWorks, we find many different ways to use natural stone remnants in a beautiful project.

Remnants are often turned into smaller decorative objects or feature elements such as a tabletop, backsplash, cutting board, small countertop, mosaics, or a fireplace hearth. How about a unique, one of a kind, bowl sink made from a leftover block of stone? Even something as simple as a window sill, shower threshold, or bench can be made using stone remnants. Landscape elements including patios, fire pits, grill surrounds, planters, and paving are great for outdoor applications with the appropriate stone remnant chosen for the environment and conditions. Remnants also offer wonderful opportunities to create rooms and spaces that flow together with elements in other spaces and the materials, colors, and patterns will be coordinated across the stone palette. To find out more, just visit the StoneWorks showroom and ask one of design specialists if you can use remnants for your next home project!

Simple, elegant indoor uses for stone remnants including a vanity countertop, backsplash, and a bowl sink.

Stone planters, a grill surround and a combination retaining wall and bench made from stone remnants.

Many different patterns and configurations can be achieved using stone remnants for outdoor paths and paving.

Natural stone remnants offer endless opportunities for creative uses in your next project. Just ask and you will be amazed at what is possible, given a little imagination. It may lead you down a whole new path that you had not considered before.


Excerpts shared with the permission of the Natural Stone Institute. The full blog is available here.

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