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Fabrication Is On The Cutting Edge

StoneWorks has always been on the cutting edge of countertop technologies. For example, we use Slabsmith software to create countertop layouts that utilize actual slab photographs, so you can see what the finished product will look like before the first cut is ever made. No more having to imagine! The Slabsmith software takes the countertop templates and places them on a slab photograph so that you can choose the patterns and textures that you want to feature, or avoid any that you don’t want. Countertop sections can be moved or rearranged with the click of a mouse, so you can compare more than one look for your design. That’s just the beginning of the fabrication process.

Once layout decisions are finalized, the state of the art technology really goes to work. Our fabrication facility is among the best in the country - equipped with large 5-Axis CNC saws and 5-Axis CNC routers using computer-controlled technology to cut and profile intricate shapes, edge details, and appliance cutouts. Computer operated saws make the precision cuts to exacting specifications. There is no guesswork.

The installation process is where we really shine. At StoneWorks, we only use subcontractors that we have trained to install countertops. Employees start out as helpers, and spend a minimum of four years learning the trade. Our installers use advanced seam setting equipment that applies vacuum suction to pull two counters together as tightly and evenly as possible. The adhesive used in the joint is an epoxy, rather than commonly used quick setting polyesters. On many stones, our seams are almost impossible to see. Silicone caulking is then used in areas between stone tops and backsplashes and will resist mold and mildew better than latex caulk, while also lasting far longer.

So, while many people offer stone countertops, only StoneWorks gives you the best design and fabrication available in the region.

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