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Featured Lowcountry Library at StoneWorks

To celebrate the Lowcountry Styles collections, StoneWorks of Hilton Head is featuring a collection of books written by local authors in our showroom this holiday season. And, what do these authors and StoneWorks have in common? We each have a Lowcountry story to tell.

There’s something for every reader on your Christmas list. The books include range from a children’s story to a design book on coastal living and a caregiver/support book. There’s also a tribute biography written about the son of a famous newspaper journalist’s father and a book about the life of Charles Fraser as told by contributors who worked closely with him. There are even fiction novels including Bending Willows by StoneWork’s own Caroline Baltzegar. You might even find something to stick in your own stocking as well!

Come check out these books and finish up your Christmas shopping today. Who knows, maybe while you’re in the showroom – it will inspire a little creativity inside of you too? Tis the season…


Southern Coastal Living

Vanderslice, Joni

The Essential Ed Korterba

Morgret Korterba, Ed (son)

Scoot's New Home

Lilly, Ann Eilers

From Caregiver to Supporter

Linneman, Carol O.

My Life With Charles Fraser

Ryan, Charlie

HHI-Time and Tide

Island Writer's Network

HHI-Unpacked and Staying

Island Writer's Network

HHI-Living the Dream

Island Writer's Network

HHI-Hilton Headings

Island Writer's Network

Sweat Sisters

McPherson, Sansing

Sway of the Siren

McCall, Laurie

Bending Willows

Baltzegar, Caroline


Crawford, Tom

Resurrections of an Obituary Writer

Crawford, Tom

Grace Upon Grace

Grace, Anne

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