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StoneWorks DNA: No One Of Us Is As Smart As ALL Of Us

If you have been following along with our messages about StoneWorks DNA, you have heard me mention my fascination with small businesses that thrive over time. From generation to generation, some companies stand apart from the rest. These companies are defined by their resolute characteristics. In my eyes, those distinct characteristics are a company’s DNA and critical to their overall success.

At StoneWorks, our DNA is comprised of creativity, looking for a better way, and resiliency. Another tenet of our DNA is a collaborative mentality. We live by the credo “No one of us is as smart as ALL of us.” Daily, I witness the power of individuals coming together with a like-minded purpose to deliver the best customer experience.

Recently, I witnessed this collaboration on a phenomenal job that we had to design and fabricate a floor to ceiling fireplace. From the moment we were hired, our multifaceted team at StoneWorks immediately went to work. From sales and design, to fabrication - the whole team worked together to create an amazing space for our client. We strive to be a solution-oriented group, which helps our business stand out from the rest. It is incredible to watch us listen to one another, respect each other’s ideas and then craft the best possible solution for our clients.


Through my years in business, I have seen the difference between a company that works together versus a company that allows individuals to work in silos. At StoneWorks, we believe that ultimately, when a group of individuals works together, we can accomplish great things. Then, client expectations are exceeded, and our company grows stronger together: that is a win-win in my eyes!

“No one of us is as smart as ALL of us.”

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