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Adapting to Meet the Challenge

We are now receiving notifications from South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster regarding the reopening of business in phases statewide. StoneWorks made the hard decision a few weeks ago to remain open throughout this pandemic. We did so with the greatest sensitivity to the physical and economic health of our employees and clients.

We are working hard to adjust and adapt during these times. Why do so? Why not just shut down and wait for this to pass? Because we want our business to work in harmony with our employees and our clients. These stakeholders depend upon us. We have never encountered a time where decisions require such delicate consideration.

Our clients range from homeowners to contractors to production builders. We serve an integral role in assuring their construction projects are completed to their satisfaction. Thankfully, many of these client projects have continued and are expected to continue. Therefore, we have maintained our high standards of fulfilling commitments even during this historic time.

We also have a duty to our employees and their families. We do not take lightly their safety and well-being. So, we have taken extra precautions to ensure they are safe as we continue to take orders and install stone. A part of the well-being of our employees is the security of their roles here at StoneWorks. Navigating a pandemic is very delicate, but we are confident that we have arrived at a position that is in the best interest of our clients and employees.

We want you to know that our company has never been one to make abrupt decisions—we are always intentional in our decision making. Our team will continue to take in new information as it develops, weigh options to move forward, and adapt to meet the challenge.

Andy Johnson, CEO


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